Blame it on Twilight…

So, I happened to be a Twi-hard…and I happened to be 34 and single. Don’t judge  OK!

I have theory about that. When it is not teenagers, but their moms we are talking about, the attraction to it (the Twilight series that is), comes from this empty void and lack of romance and adventure. When you are stuck in the land of mundane and predictable, when your life seems dry and cut to milliseconds, perhaps, and just that, you need an escape. You need to close your eyes, and be a girl, 16 perhaps, your own heroine, but most importantly free as a bird…to be… to open your eyes and discover a whole new word…

Strangely enough, the writer of the Twilight series, Stephanie Mayer in few of her interviews, kindly produced to you by Youtube, is unaware why so many girls and grown women are fans of the series… So, if I ever had a chance to tell her why, I’d say ” You’ve provided the perfect escape for any girl or woman of any age, just like it was an escape for you to write Twilight…”

“Yes, remember after all it was your own escape once, and now it’s ours”

Stephanie Mayer didn’t mean to write a book, much books in plural…it happened by an accident. Yep, tell that to Rob Pattinson or Taylor Lautner for that matter…A kind of silly, but at the same time excusable way to try and hold onto a dream. A dream she had.  About a boy and a girl in a meadow. The boy sparkled. Sounds familiar?  Well, to us Twihards it does. So, she wrote to herself the rest of the story after she woke-up.  She couldn’t leave that universe yet, the one of her dream.  She never really wrote anything prior to this, not even a journal….And a little bit after, roughly four years, she was a best selling author with five published  books under her belt and the creator of a whole phenomena where mothers and teenage girls happened to be crazy about the same thing.

Crazy, right? And also inspiring. No one, no one ever knows when their life will turn 180. Knowing this inspired me in a rather silly way to start a blog…Doubt it would become a book, but I guess if I wrote to myself, just like that, perhaps it has a chance in one in a million….

And in case you wonder, without a doubt- Team Jacob.

Good night world!


About aneliapetrova

Looking for a creative outlet, or myself... and a place to share my little inspirations wherever they come from- food, movies, life, random thoughts, or the biggest of them all my obsession with the Twilight Series.
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