Morning coffee

So, I wake-up this morning at the moderate time of 11:55 am. The sight of lady arm wrestlers in costumes and me yelling loud for the ones I bet on in a bar still resonating in my body. Feel tired? Hangover? Nope, not enough to cause it. It is the morning batch of allergies that is kicking my butt. Ah, how I love those! Sorry, meant to say “loathe those”. One solution, one salvation, a child of my espresso machine can push all of that away- a shot of coffee. The gods of coffee are often my kindest  of friends.

One cup, and me, and my life in front of me…or at least my plan for the next 400 plus days. Adventure, exploration of my soul, finding that which I’ve missed dearly. Reconnecting… re-discovering… seeing the world anew…

You see, I can’t really pack my bags, as much as I wish to do. Roam the world with the sounds of my i-pod. The digits in my bank account statement said “No!” or actually ” Hell, NO!”…Ah, those mean realities in this materialistic world…

So, the travel will be within the soul. Explore the corners of my loved Chicago…one of my most loyal of lovers. My good old glass of new world wine-I’ll drink you to the bottom! Perhaps, leave the state once or twice…see new things within me and the world close around me… Push myself to do the things I always wanted and let other things come and go in the house of my soul as they please… No attempts to control them, as I usually do. But most importantly, let my love be as unusual as it wants to be. I’m not going to contain you anymore, my dear. Forgive me for trying to do so as hard as I have. You have your own trip to do and I’ll let you…

Good morning, world!


About aneliapetrova

Looking for a creative outlet, or myself... and a place to share my little inspirations wherever they come from- food, movies, life, random thoughts, or the biggest of them all my obsession with the Twilight Series.
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