Coodos to Kristen

Hey, it has been noted already that I have Kristen Stewart on my Google Alerts.

So, it is easy to figure out that I happened to be a big fan of hers. Yep, not Rob or Taylor. They are both great guys and all. OK looking too, but not exceptional. And she is. Talented, smart, a driven and serious actor with incredible sensibility and 100% commitment and ownership to all of her projects.

I love the girl because she does not buy Hollywood, because she is is awkward and self-conscious on the red carpet and analyzes everything she says to death; because she hates that whole masquerade, and would rather be herself. Yes,  there is a silly, youthful sense of self-martyrdom that she could spare herself that comes with it. But overall, it is easy to develop a fascination with this strange, imperfect, incredibly intelligent girl, that seems to move in a cloud of mystique around her. And while she does put up a rough front, if you pay a bit of attention, you’d see so much sensitivity and youthful vulnerability in her, that you’d find it incredibly refreshing in a world of Lindsay Lohans and Paris Hiltons. I must admit, at times I want to wrap my arms around her and just say ” it’s OK”(that is in a motherly non-obsessed way).

So, now that my ‘Ode to Kristen’ is done, here are the latest developments that inspired this post. First and foremost, vengeance is sweet. And Kristen, my love, you did a good job! Apparently, with the promotion of Eclipse ramping-up, Kristen was supposed to be on the cover of Vogue’s June issue, however that did not happen. From what is on the internet, Vogue wanted to get an up-close interview, while Kristen wanted to keep certain things to herself. So, they passed her and Blake Lively showed up on the June issue instead.

Well, there is plenty of fish in the water, especially when it comes to Kristen and magazine covers these days. So what comes next- Elle UK with one of the best articles ever published about her and the most honest conversation she’s had so far with a member of the media. Oh, and wait, she for all practical purposes admits a relationship with Rob, in her own, non-relationship discussing way. Ouch, burn baby, burn! Or in this case F-u Vogue! Good job, girl! I do not know if this happened by accident or was it a real revenge on your behalf, but either way it’s awesome. Karma’s a bitch.


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