Appologies …accepted?

I’ve given it some thought, and I have to say, this is a bit of a messy kind of blog. What the heck is it, you ask. A self-revealing journey of the soul? A tribute to Twilight? Did I see some attempt of poetry there too?

I guess, it is a work book. A shot of myself and random thoughts, inspirations, and confessions that get somehow on the tips of my fingers as I type. It’s a self-indulgence of sorts. No direction per se. No true or real purpose at this point, either.  So, in a way it’s a book of doodles, just like that little piece I wrote few days ago. I don’t know what is waiting at the end of this road, or where it leads, but I figured it’s worth to take. My one true promise all along is that I write to myself. But you’re welcome to stick around and listen.

Good night world!


About aneliapetrova

Looking for a creative outlet, or myself... and a place to share my little inspirations wherever they come from- food, movies, life, random thoughts, or the biggest of them all my obsession with the Twilight Series.
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