Confessions of a gluttenous cook

Funny, it is often the simplest questions that give us the biggest struggle to answer. “What does it mean to cook food well?”- Really? Tony?…of all things culinary?

It is so easy to blur out “Well, would you rather have stuff taste bad?”… or just give a simpler answer like “it makes food taste better”., you get stunned for a second…maybe even irritated…

…But, then you remember the glutton you are. How nice it feels to savor that one last bite of a truly extraordinary meal. When you want to close your eyes and stop the moment for a second, so you can enjoy it just a little bit longer and linger. Yes, that is in fact the moment right before you touch your stomach and say “ God, I’m stuffed!” and go onto a rant of how you can’t breathe or fit in your pants…

…but you’re also happy and ecstatic… and all the sudden the world seems so simple, but yet extraordinary place with infinite possibilities…

There is nothing like a good food adventure. NOTHING! (Well, there’s one thing, but we’ll get to that)

Back to our question. It so happens that most good food has to be prepared at some point, i.e. cooked. And forgive me for stating the obvious, but for it to taste well, you’ll have to cook it well too, no?

Cooking food is not much different than making love.  For one it is a sensual experience, after all. And second, you need preparation or foreplay. Otherwise it just gets short and choppy and if it bad enough you can even throw up (I am talking about the food now people!).

…And with time you learn to enjoy that foreplay just as much as the actual eating part.  Cooking can be such a delicate process, that you almost sense the presence of a Higher Power as you working in all of the elements of a recipe. Other times, it is how simple and basic the ingredients are that makes it so genius and therefore you feel on top of the world. Like you’ve conquered something, like you’ve learned the secrets of a ninja master.

To me cooking well it is about the senses, it is about how a simple pleasure can transcend you to a higher truth….this connection you feel around you, with the people of your table, the planet, the universe and the magic it can contain in such simple ways. It is also about passion and trusting your gut, letting your instincts guide you, and seeing a mix of ingredients as your road to adventure. But most importantly, cooking well has to do a lot with the people you love, the ones that you choose to share it with. There is nothing more joyful than seeing someone you care for enjoy a meal you’ve created especially for them.

Well, except for one thing…


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Looking for a creative outlet, or myself... and a place to share my little inspirations wherever they come from- food, movies, life, random thoughts, or the biggest of them all my obsession with the Twilight Series.
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