The end of the affair…

One of my favorite movies, being a big Julianne Moore fan and all(yes, I cheat on Kristen once in a while, plus Julianne was here first), is The End of the Affair.  I love it among other things, because it is about two flawed beings loving each other… and it reminds me of my own life in some way. Love has so many complications, and sometimes you wound-up inevitably making mistakes.

I always found the movie beautiful and poetic, and relatable because it is about one’s internal struggle and the desperate attempts we make sometimes to understand what is in the head of our lover. The themes it touches are so true, in so many ways.

What rings closest to my heart tonight is, that one scene right after they get bombed and Sarah, is made  to keep her promise to Faith or to God of giving up her affair, if Bendrix(her lover ) survives. And as she ends her prayer, he wakes-up after his concussion. ” I woke after five minutes or five seconds to a changed world“, he says.  And he is, it’s all gone, his lover has to keep her secret promise.  The sun may shine again, people may walk on the street, and cars would pass by, in the scheme of bigger things nothing has changed but the loss of his lover, and yet now everything is affected, everything is completely different, like an invisible waive has swept through it and has changed it irreversibly. Where there was love once, now is pain and the raw carnage of what it used to be.

It’s funny how our mind creates the meaning of entire existence. How our feelings color everything and how cold the would could be if you loose the one you love. Despite it’s pure irrationality, one thing is true, if you loose someone you love, you do wake-up to a different world.


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