Giving Thanks…

Thanksgiving has just passed, and it kind of makes me think of the things that I am thankful of. Yes, the days of a human life can be difficult. It has been the case for me for the past few months, but also in a strange way it also brings this keen awareness of how blessed you are. You become so connected to the things that keep you from going over the edge and each day you are grateful that they exist. So in the spirit of the holiday, here is the list of the top three things that I am grateful for,especially when times are not so perfect:

1. My age. It’s been brought up before. Hasn’t it? I was watching this Marie Osmond special on Oprah(don’t judge!). While she was discussing her postpartum depression and her own thoughts of suicide, she mentioned something that clicked with me. She also knew better to snap out of it. She had the life experience and the maturity to know, that it would pass no matter how difficult it was. That all is passing. And that is what stopped her from actually going through with it.

And she is right, growing old does give you a type of balance that you just don’t have when you are younger.That knowledge, which you collect through the years, keeps you centered and often gives you strength.  Perhaps it is just me(and Marie Osmond) feeling that way, but I wouldn’t trade any of my own life experience for the world.

2. My love for family and friends. Or the ability to feel this way. Loving other people expand your life and the meaning it carries. It truly does magic and it saves you on so many levels. Every night I go to bed and right before going to sleep, I pray for a list of people to whoever’s out there to protect them and it gives me peace. I don’t know how much these payers work, but I know for those brief couple of minutes, my heart is filled with love and I feel very much blessed, among other things because I feel reminded of what really matters.

3. The love of my family. Well, it only a logical progression! Joking aside, though, there is no one else in the entire universe that is willing to forgive all of your weaknesses again and again, and love you despise it all like your family. Being a pretty intolerable person myself at times, I know that. And I feel blessed for having it.


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Looking for a creative outlet, or myself... and a place to share my little inspirations wherever they come from- food, movies, life, random thoughts, or the biggest of them all my obsession with the Twilight Series.
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