A Grammy Nod…

The Grammy nominations are out this week, and in honor of that I would like to produce my own list of songs in a category rarely acknowledged in any music awards ever- The Down Down Songs of 2010. You know, when you are down and out with love…the songs that you listen over and over with your tissue box next to you. God knows I had to listen to some of them in that exact compromising position. So to you, the broken-hearted, the ones whose soul got wrecked in 2010, this is your list and there are some amazing artists on it. My own commentary included.

Enjoy and pull a tissue box with you if you need it. No judgment.

We are going to start with a strong category first, represented by a multiple Grammy winner and a true music veteran, the You Couldn’t Keep Your Hands to Yourself or Your Pants for That Matter category with the ever-brilliant and ultimate girl-with-the pipes Christina Aguilera and You Lost Me:

The category I love the Way You Hurt Me is represented perfectly by another set of multiple Grammy winners- the i-hate-i-love-and-hate-my-ex-again bad-boy-rapper Eminem and abusive relationship recoveree Rhianna with I love the Way You Lie:

They know what they are talking about, don’t they?

In our next category, we have a 2006 Grammy nominee and “one of the most engrossing and seductive listening experiences of 2009” per MTV, a great voice and definitely a Grammy future. Her name is Sia and she headlines the Abysmal and Intolerable Absence of You or What Do I Do Now That My Life is so Empty with I’m In Here represented by a fan creation footage with video from Gossip Girl(sorry, just a personal choice).

Our second runner-up in this category is our girl Christina with Lift Me Up and I guess the way these two songs are rated is a personal choice, cause this one is just as great.

Amen to that girl!

Now, of course there is always the I Can’t Stop Thinking About You and Picking up The Phone to Call You category, kind of on the desperate end depending on where you are looking at it, but yet it definitely needs to be represented because we’ve all been through that. This year, country just hits that note the best. Here is Grammy awardees and 2010 nominees Lady Antebellum with I Need You Now:

We’re gonna close with another necessary category, which unfortunately some of us are familiar with, the I know You Are with Someone Else, but I’ll Stalk You Anyhow category represented 2010 Grammy nominee Robyn with a nice beat of a song appropriately titled Dancing On My Own:

Love that beat! I will be rooting for you Robyn. Hope you enjoyed it too!

XOXO, me





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