Rooting for Anne…

I’m a girl, ok! So, it is only natural that I like the Princess Diaries. I liked Anne back then too, as well as in Brokeback Mountain, The Devil Wears Prada, and Becoming Jane. There is an aura about her. I guess,  it’s the confidence that she projects on screen and the charm that comes with it. I knew even then that she was capable of great things…..but she really got to me with Rachel Getting Married mostly because she chose not to play a pretty character( a sister rivery crazed recovering drug addict, who was also responsible for the death for her younger brother and dealing with it) and that really showed she was a definite Oscar worthy actor.

So yeah, I have a thing about actresses that are able to show this incredible vulnerability on screen- Julianne, Kristen, Anne. It just looks real. I can connect to it, because it just resonates with my own soul and my own internal vulnerabilities as a woman. I am hooked actresses that give you a raw performance. And Anne, when she puts her mind to it, and goes for something outside the typical chick flick realm, totally delivers.

Case and point, her newest release, Love and Other Drugs, a chick flick on the surface. And don’t get me wrong, it completely is, but it is one of the deep ones. Two brilliant actors in the main roles- Anne and Jake, raw and vulnerable performances, and even some smart background political commentary about the state of our health-care system. You see, Jake’s character(Jamie) is a up-and-coming Pfiser pharmaceutical rep for whom the world is an oyster, while Anne’s character(Maggie) is an artist-slash-waitress with no health insurance and an early offset of Parkinson’s disease struggling with the debilitating nature of her diagnosis, while boyfriend is pushing Viagra. Do you get the irony yet?  If not, perhaps this will help, Anne’s character  Maggie also regularly volunteers escorting the elderly on a bus, so they can get their prescriptions filled in Canada. There, yet?

And then we get the human aspect of it- Maggie’s struggle with her disease portrayed brilliantly by Anne. How do you let people in, when there is the potential of abandonment and the reality of becoming a burden or even worse a mercy case to them down the road? How much is too much to give or accept out of love?  I got to tell you, both actors Jake and Anne play their roles in such an intelligent, sophisticated, yet raw way, that this movie really got to me. I will be definitely rooting for both of them come Oscar time, but especially of course for my girl Anne. Go see the movie! Really, do that!


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