Monthly Archives: January 2011

This Morning’s Decadence!

Hi Everyone, Let me introduce to this morning’s decadence- Stuffed French Toast. While the thought is not that original, it hadn’t passed my mind up until I did some blog browsing last night. A blogger posted online a recipe for … Continue reading

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Some Changes Startin’ Today

Hi Everyone, There are some changes coming. I figured, it does not hurt to talk about all of my passions and inspirations here, including food. So startin’ today, you will see a lot of food related stuff here. Enjoy and … Continue reading

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A Harry Potter Lesson:The Benefits of Failure

Before I go anywhere, you owe this one once again to Oprah.  I took a break over Christmas and she seemed like a good company for morning a coffee. So there you go, judge if you like.  But I’m digressing… … Continue reading

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Good Old Country…

You know, hopefully you’ve watched  Third Rock from the Sun and that one episode where one of main characters cries her eyes out while listening to Country songs finally concluding with the exclamation ” Country singers have such  hard lives!”. … Continue reading

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