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Dellusions and dissillusionment wrapped in one

Chasing lights and shadows, looking for what used to be. Sadly what often follows is plain carnage, pain, and shattered dreams. And yet the heart still keeps on beating, ready once again to be tricked, crushed and kicked. Why is … Continue reading

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Sometimes, when life feels tough and provides no immediate resolution, the best thing you can do is make sure that you are at the right place and pray and have patience for the right time…

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How fragile can the human body be…when sounds of machinery wrap it around. It’s funny, a soul can be so strong, and yet it’s vessel, so delicate at times, hanging on a sensitive balance of its own. And there the … Continue reading

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On Having Faith

If you know me a little, you’d know that I like to write about the things that inspire me, whether it is a staircase, the way the sun shines, or someone’s story, I think that it is incredible when that … Continue reading

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Tortilla Soup

I must admit, I got inspired to make this soup by KStew. Last month Vogue finally had her on their cover and inside was her famous Tortilla soup, i.e. a soup that she and other actors have mentioned as a … Continue reading

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On human weakness

Is there a point to being strong? Is being weak such a wrong? I held the pretenses for too long, for the sake of picking “right” over “wrong”.

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