A farewell to Oprah

So, it’s happened. It’s done, she waived the final good bye.  I have shared in the past that I did watch Oprah once in a while and found some sort of inspiration doing so most time. I did watch her final two episodes as they are an end of an era indeed. Unexpectedly somehow, her last show did not have any giveaways, no big shot stars, or deep soul confessions of sorts. Instead, it was an address, a thank you, Oprah solely on stage, some footage to support her point at times, but words of appreciation, recognition, and a final guideline on how to live your life to the fullest.

The inspiration she gave this time stemmed from simple truth like the energy you give is  what you gets back to you. Not only believe that you deserve happiness, but feel that you are worthy of it. Everyone needs some validation in their life, and so long that you as a person recognize that, you’ll be able to build beautiful relationships. But more importantly truly listen, to that which some call God, or providence, because there is a force that pushes us all into what our destiny should be. In the end, I guess this whole happiness mystery comes down to it- feeling in your core that you are doing what you’re meant to, that your life is lived with passion. And it does not matter what your passion is, a funny example that Oprah gave is the owner of a successful spa, who explained her achievement after being complimented on her passion to pop zits. I guess, that is true, no passion is too insignificant, so long you live your life filled with it.

So now that I have given you a recap of Oprah’s last episode, it is only fair to conclude with a story. You know, those inspirational ones, that tend to gravitate sharing. This time it is about a musician that did not want to be one, for the longest time. His father was one, but unfortunately as well someone that was also very abusive in nature. So that child grew up, a bit tormented, skipping school and doing not to well at it eventually to start working at a shoe factory with no grand inspirations at all.  Until one morning, reportedly while getting ready for work he heard a Stephen Stills song and decided to quit his job and start a career in music. Just like that, and while the mega stardom is nowhere in his future(it does not seem to be something that he is looking for), he did get discovered and got four albums with pretty decent sales,  got a status of a famous person and even got a Grammy. All that because of he happened to listen to a song one morning and that song happened to inspire him.  Just like that! His name you ask.  Ray LaMontagne.

Farewell Oprah!


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