Sex in the City on Flip Flops

For some reason lately(frankly mostly financial), Wisconsin has been my favorite state to vacation. It grew on me, truly. I love the prairie views, there is something majestic about it. And this time around I also got to hang out for a bit by the Mighty Mississippi. There is nothing like the green views I saw there, but that is a different kind of essay. On my way back, I met a friend at another friend’s house in the Madison area. All of us haven’t hanged out in a while, so two of us decided to make  trip, to where our common friend has recently moved to.

It was nice hot summer time. It only made sense for us to put a bunch of dresses and go out and hang out at bars in a neat college town. For anyone who has not been to Madison, please know, it is a cool place to be with a bar area that is truly happening.

So there we are, me a 35 year old, with my 33 year old and 50 something friends, sitting around her table in our V-neck dresses, planning on what a great night we are going to have. We are talking about Sex in the City and which character would fit us best. I know, it sounds kind of lame, but it was all in good fun. Turned out, we were all sort of Miranda, but not quite. There was one major difference, though no one was wearing stilettos, we all had flip flops on.

So off we went, to a busy bar district in the warm summer night, ready to play. First bar- fun nice conversation on the side walk, where our table was. It was time to look for a second, so we walked further down the street, to an area even more happening. Lot of tipsy to drunk college students, some walking around, some standing in lines to get in at different bars, all hustling and bustling and us right in the middle. So refreshing, so rejuvenating and carefree….nothing that either of us has seen recently.

And then it happened, quite innocently I would say. A young happy-go-lucky college kid took his hat off and greeted us politely: ” Ma’ms!”.  We all looked at each other giggling, but also puzzled. A second one stepped up just seconds after, took off his had and said the same. My friend, now catching what was happening turned around and responded loudly back ” Fuck you!”. I guess we caught up quickly and unexpectedly with our age. Sex in the City we were not, more like strange older ladies hanging around a much younger crowd that also did not mind calling us on it. We turned around and walked away as quickly as we could and the fact that we were wearing flip flops helped us.

Our night eventually ended on a happier note. We found another bar were we stayed until 3 am. Still having fun, still with predominantly younger crowd. Perhaps with a slightly different perspective. The drunk girls dancing around the the jute box in shorts and rather sexual manner, the geeky guys, awkward even in their drunkenness looking for some girl love and most likely not getting it that night, the jocks being as loud as they can. We’ve all had outgrown this, we knew who we were and we had our battle scars to prove it. We did not have to prove to anyone in any shape or form that we deserved to be there, because despite the numbers all of our souls were young for a night and we deserved it.

And I guess that got acknowledged to me at least somehow, when a young 20-something geeky kid turned to me and said in a nice way that I looked smart trying to start a conversation. A funny flirt line, but the best I’ve heard so far. Who cares if he was drunk as slurping, it probably took him so much to start a conversation anyhow. I take it!  I guess there is a small possibility, that I may be closer to Samantha after all.  Sex in the City we are!…only on flip flops….


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Looking for a creative outlet, or myself... and a place to share my little inspirations wherever they come from- food, movies, life, random thoughts, or the biggest of them all my obsession with the Twilight Series.
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