Life’s good enough…

It’s sunny early morning. I am sitting on our patio, working on my pedicure and drinking my first cup of coffee. The air feels lazy, and I know that in a few minutes I’ll be making myself some scrambled eggs with dill. I can hear the sounds of my dad working on our next door neighbor’s patio. And I admire him in silence for his craftsmanship. There is no major achievements to be made today, but for one and that is to stay still in the moment and recognize that life’s good enough.

It’s a thought that rarely passes our minds, typically either obsessed with the necessaries of the day or long to-do-lists, or the frustrations that it presents us with. But today it’s all simple, right under the gentle morning summer sun.

Even though, most of my grand dreams are still just that. Even though, I may never travel the world, publish a book, or meet prince charming. Even though there are no grand adventures anywhere of my immediate future. Despite of it, today as I enjoy the gifts of summer and life’s good enough….


About aneliapetrova

Looking for a creative outlet, or myself... and a place to share my little inspirations wherever they come from- food, movies, life, random thoughts, or the biggest of them all my obsession with the Twilight Series.
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