It has been a while, I guess, since  I have been to my safe place.  My escape and connection to my self. Yes, my dear reader, I mean here. And while there is no reasonable excuse, I understand, at times lives distractions at time take over, and in some ways take you away from yourself.

But here I am, paying a visit and a first order of business is naturally, the one thing this site pay an homage to…Twilight. Probably a major miss in November is that I never even noted, something I have waited  for about over a year.  The next chapter of the series on film- Twilight Breaking Dawn I.  Trust me, despite of any lack of reflecting this here, I had a major anticipation for it.  I won’t go in full break down of the movie, as I probably should have done. All I can say is that I loved it. It was as romantic as it should have been. They had a major list of Oscar winner crew in the making of this one- from the director to special effects and make up, and it comes through the screen. I honestly can not wait for it to come to DVD, which rightfully happens to be very close to Valentine’s Day.

I must say, very early on I got the soundtrack, as I happen to have all of the previous ones. The truth is that I dig the indi sound that they typically have. And while Muse, which traditionally has been part of  each previous one, is not part of this one,  there is one particular track that has my hairs rise and bones chill, placed quite effectively in the movie, Cold by Aqualung and Lucy Schwartz. I mean it truly is in the perfect spot in the movie and creates an airy, haunting effect.

The song is beautiful, yet sad, as it is about the sacrifices one makes for the people she loves.  There’s just this surreal, floaty feeling, that it creates, and makes you feel as if covered with a blanket of loneliness that yet oddly keeps you warm. For some reason my mind is completely obsessed with it, as I listen to it over and over again. It is one of those kinds of songs for me.

I guess I never asked myself who are the people that created this, but yesterday while browsing the net, I came across a video of the two singers sharing some thoughts on their creative process.

See,  there is something about the working of creative minds that truly enamors me. I guess it is an obsession of mine.  I do appreciate that part of the human psyche. I guess in my mind, it is the part of us that is truly touched by God.  So seeing this little video, however unimportant it may seem to some, made me happy…

And yes, I just wrote an entire entry, just because it made me feel somewhat inspired.

Happy New Year all and good night!


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Looking for a creative outlet, or myself... and a place to share my little inspirations wherever they come from- food, movies, life, random thoughts, or the biggest of them all my obsession with the Twilight Series.
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