Grand Goodbye!

People, it is finally happening! The end is near! The last Twilight movie is coming out in 30 days. Each year, I do a sort of 30-day count down on my Facebook sharing some interesting aspects, clips, and interviews about the movie. This year, as the final movie comes out, I decided to transcribe it here as my last goodbye to the movies that have inspired me so much. This is indeed an evolving article, and each day will include an addition.

31 days-to-go( Falsely assumed for 30-days-to-go): I shared couple for early interviews of Kristen and Robert. One is for MTV on the set of Twilight and one is a French format.

Hm, it is a romance meant to be, if the girl does not mind picking the guy’s teeth.  Joke aside, I hope they work it out.

30 days-to-go( for real) or the newly established Director’s Wednesdays: Catherine Hardwicke’s contribution is keeping the first movie as true to the book as possible, and staying away from disastrous initial scripts it had. She chose the script of Twilight from batch of several different projects Summit had been working on and brought it to life. As a writer Catherine also put in some of her own touches on the final script that give a special feel to the movie. What I most appreciate about her though, besides getting the movies going, is that at least from my perspective, she gave the actors freedom to shape the characters. Apparently Summit initially thought that Kristen and Robert were too intense, too serious.

I guess, whatever she did worked, cause sure enough, there was chemistry on screen…

And so we bow to Catherine Hardwicke…

29 days, you think? …. or Thursday is now favorite Twilight scene day. Naturally, it is not possible not to start with what I call ” the lion and the lamb” scene. A big favorite among many in the first movie of the series. When I first saw the movie, I was totally enthralled with this part and rightfully so, as I am sure it is one of the favorites of many twihards around the world.

27 days, 4 hours, and 3 minutes for some of us, or Twilight Music Friday. The truth is that I enjoy the indi feel of the soundtracks of the series. I own all of them, so it is a worthy topic to approach.  One special scene in Twilight is especially accentuated by the music that accompanies. I am talking of the final prom scene and the music is Flightless Bird, American Mouth. Interestingly enough it was suggested by Kristen Stewart herself.

And for day 27, and old interviews of Kristen Stewart . Her father appears briefly on it:

Day 26 is marked by a fun little post/confession, previously featured on my blog that I happen to connect with, a favorite piece of fan writing confession style from Letters to Twilight.  You can find it here.

Day 25 is Tay-tay day!Team Jacob, always! …I happen to adore Taylore Lautner. So here are some fun interview moments… well, maybe with a little bit of KStew…

Day 25  or October 22 also happens to be the birthday of the Director of Bill Condon. Excellent director, who served us all Twihards good. Can’t wait to see your latest creation Bill and in the mean time Happy B-day!

24th of Mama Bear Day for the one and only Stephanie Mayer. The woman we owe this all to, the creator of the Twilight series. One thing I truly admire about her is how vivid her imagination is and how well she knows her characters. Quite inspiring. In fact inspiring enough to start this little thing you are reading.  Below is one of the first ones of her that I ever saw. Not surprisingly on Oprah.

Onto 23 or our Second Director’s Wednesday. The subject in question-the  beloved Chris Weitz. There was lots of love expressed by the cast for him, and he reportedly carried the New Moon book nonstop on set to make sure he was true to it. Stephanie Mayer claims that he is the director that truly got her, so needless to say he gets my love as well:

And Unscripted interview with Taylor and Rob:

Day 22 and the press tours have officially started, so we come back to the present with little bits of Rob’s visit to Australia.

Sorry Rob for thinking of you as RPatz at times.

Day 22 also happens to be a Thursday, marked by my favorite Twilight scenes. And this time we are looking at New Moon. I happened to love the Victoria chase scene there.

As well as, lets not forget the Bella and Jacob almost kiss scene:

So, I guess it is a complicated countdown. For some of us it is 20, for most of the others 21…

To start with, it is the time when new videos from the movie start popping out and we have one:

Can wait for it to come out, can you?!!!

….and then, it is also Friday. So guess what? It is time for some music and these are some of my favorite song from the series so far.

Lets start with some Anya Marina:

…and Paramore with Decode:

…some Rob, naturally

And last but not least a vid of a conversation between two of the artist just showcased- Rob and Hayley from Paramore

19 and things get moving fast, first with a new TV spot:

…and another one of Bella showcasing her new found strength while arm wrestling with Emmet

…and last but not least, and interview of Kristen Stewart with Josh Horowitz(click on the pic to see it):

I so love Josh’ interview with the Twilight cast. You will see more. That is a promise! And while on the topic, here’s After Hours with Anna Kendrick.

Good morning and 18! And what marks this glorious day? A new video! This time of Alec’s paralyzing powers:

17 it is! Not surprising marked with two videos. The first one one is a new TV spot featuring-a Bella and Edward kiss!

16 days closer! And a clip of Bella learning to act human:

I must say, I am so happy with what I have seen so far. Can’t wait!

15 it is  and the vampire covens are joining the Cullens:

And so much to share. To begin with, the lovely Josh Horowitz sits down with Stephanie Mayer and talks with her about the end of Twilight. Is it ending for real?

But Josh is not done yet, he also talks to Kristen, Taylor, and Rob for MTV First. Sadly his last Twilight sit down with the stars. A tradition I love so much. You can see the 30 minute videos here.

Press time officially on, we have barely covered our ground. First, there is Tay-tay on Leno from last night. And then there is an entire press conference to cover. Did I say press time is officially on? That is Kristen, Rob, and Bill Condon for now, but I am sure there will be lots to come tomorrow.

Nothing makes 13 as happy of a day as this picture:

Photo: Such a cute pic of the trio: Kristen, Rob, Taylor from ET

So glad to see things looking normal! But we are not done yet. There is Taylor’s interview with Access Hollywood and another one of the trio with Entertainment Tonight.

And I know, I have been guilty of scrapping aside my weekly highlight schedule for happening news, but this one I can not skip no matter what. It is indeed Twilight Music Friday. A very brief one, note brief does not mean insignificant, because it happens to be my favorite group in the world…and I definitely owe the exposure to this group to Twilight, as it happens to be Stephanie Mayer’s favorite group. But without much due, here it is! Muse!

You know, their newest album just came out. Here’s a taste of it.

12 starts with a lovely picture of one of the powers of the new vampires:

Photo: I can't wait for you to see Kate and Garrett. Who's a fan of them? xoxo Mel

But mainly, Day 12 is scriptwriter time. While each of the movies had it’s own director, there has been one common threat all along, Mellisa Rosenberg, the script writer has been with the series from the vary start and has stuck with it all along. You can read an interview with her here courtesy of Twilight Lexicon. A place from which you may have noticed, much of the news here come from.

A brief 11 with another snippet from the press junket, this time with Melissa, Stephanie and Wick Godfrey or what I would call the major masterminds of the series. Melissa’s role we discussed a day ago. Wick has been it’s producer from the start, with the ever-engaged in the making of the movies Stephanie finally formerly joining him in the helm for this last one.

That would be 10 for me! And another clip:

And another one of Bella and Edward seeing their new home

….and a new TV spot reflecting on Bella and Edward’s romance:

….and an interview of Peter Facinelly and Elizabeth Raiser on Ellen to be found here.

Day 9 word of the day- Krisbian. Why you say? Because Kristen Stewart is on Jay Leno.

Is it 8 yet? Cause Nikki Reed and Mackenzie Foy are on Ellen. And the Cullen family is on the Yes/No Show with who else but Josh Horowitz.

Photo: It's the FINAL countdown! :o)

Amen, indeed! And what do we have today. First, we are only few days away from the premiere and that marks the start of the Twilight camp. Every year, thousands of faithful twihards camp it out there, waiting for the opportunity to see the stars of the movies. And said stars, inadvertently pay them a visit.

Photo: The Breaking Dawn premiere camp is starting! Is anyone there?? Send pictures! xoxo Mel

Robert plays rapid fire on Live with Kelly and Michael.

Another set of fun interviews comes out on Myspace. Who knew it still existed.

And a Kristen Stewart interview with Josh Horowitz comes out on MTV, where she talks about her memories of her first day on set.

Day 6 is a bit of a Rob day. First we have him on Ellen with Taylor talking about dogs and zippers. And then we have him on Jimmy Fallon getting a bit soaked in water. But more importantly day 6 is a Friday and that means more Twilight music. This time something long awaited by me:

Yes, that is the new Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 soundtrack, to which I have been holding on to especially for my Twilight Music Friday. Pandora has the entire album running for free for a week. But here I would like to share the first official music video for the movie.

So love the new vampire footage.

When it comes to the soundtrack, another thing that I enjoy is that the Carter Burwell is back on board. Who is he you ask? Now that’s a shameful question, but lack of knowledge is forgiven here.  To him we owe this:

I have to say, that is my favorite score as far as it comes to all of the movies and he is back, I must say very appropriately for the last two movies. And I love that!

Wow, 5 days! So little time left and it is all done! Time for mama bear one last time:

And some Tay-tay on Jimmy Fallon to be found here.

4 days with reports from the last Twicamp. One day left to the premiere and four to see the movies. Love the cast so much for loving their fans….Here is Nicky Reed performing with her hubby for the campers:

And the day of the so anticipated premiere. Yahoo movies had it covered live and just finished watching it. WOW! Kristen Stewart looks gorgeous! How can you not love a girl that spends at least 45 minutes at her premiere to sign autographs with the fans.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart attend THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN - PART 2 premiere in Los Angeles, California on Nov. 12, 2012.

But more importantly I get to share a picture of Rob and Kristen together:

So love the entire cast! Good people! Twilight forever baby!

And I already have PTSD- Post-Twilight Sadness Syndrome, as Josh Horowitz puts it. Speaking of, here are some of his interviews from the premiere. And here are some additional ones. Outside of that, I am nothing but full of anticipation after all of the wonderful things said during the premiere. The end of an era is coming indeed. Sad sigh…

Just a few hours left for me. Super excited and very PTSDed already. It is an end of an  era for me and millions of people like me. So I figured it is time to share few last things. First and foremost, why Twilight is so important to me.  It is fairly simple indeed, I hopelessly believe in love. I believe that love of such grand scheme exists. I believe in the passions of the human heart and what it can make happen. I  believe in hope and that there is something better right around the corner. I believe in everlasting love. In other words I am a hopeless romantic.  Twilight also came to me in a hard part of my life and was the best escape ever. For that I am eternally grateful to Stephanie Mayer. And that is why it the books and the movies mean the world to me.

Second and most importantly, I have missed one significant director during my posts. And I feel that it is unfair to him. No it is not David Slate, the director of Eclipse. I am fairly disappointed by him, especially because Eclipse is my favorite book. He never appeared in interviews to be a true fan of the books, and it comes through in the movie.  So no regret that I missed him.

Instead I want to talk about Bill Condon and how in many ways he is the perfect director of the last two movies. Clearly a fan, both of the movies and the cast, he pays homage and honors what has been set before him. I love the little connections( via music and scene) you can see in Breaking Dawn 1. He himself said that he sees the last two movies as a bookend to Twilight, and surely it serves as such. And I have to say, nothing make a fan more happier. So thank you, Bill. I am so happy that you got to make these last two movies and I can not wait to see the end. This said there is one last video I want to share with you as I wait for the end of the saga.

Day -1. One last thought -I absolutely loved it!


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