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“Je T’Aime” or How Powerful Perception is Indeed

This was something I was exposed to and got fairly obsessed with last night, as well as an interesting self-realization of how emotion takes over perception at times. But let’s start form the beginning or in other words another internet … Continue reading

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A dicovery

I love The Voice and I am a super fan of Blake Shelton because of it… And Christina, how I feel about her, you should know by now…. she is the girl with the absolute voice, the kind that give … Continue reading

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Linger on my dear, …for a second, for a moment, for a day…. The future may be quite unclear, but please linger on….

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I Heart Chicago Fall

Lets be honest, here in Chicago we have moody weather- long Winter followed by a non-existent Spring and questionable Summer. One never knows what to expect, so you are better off on any day to be prepared for all three … Continue reading

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There has been some noise¬† these days on social media about a girl who quit her job via a dance on YouTube. Before I continue, see this…. Before we go anywhere else, she was just recently on Queen Latifa’s talk … Continue reading

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