“Je T’Aime” or How Powerful Perception is Indeed

This was something I was exposed to and got fairly obsessed with last night, as well as an interesting self-realization of how emotion takes over perception at times.

But let’s start form the beginning or in other words another internet discovery that left me breathless and weepy. This time due to the magic of Facebook.  A friend had posted a link to a wonderful, heart-felt performance of the Belgian singer Lara Fabian. The song is named “Je T’Aime”- I Love You. On the sidebar there was a description of the events surrounding  the performance, which went like this:

“Unique performance of a true woman in love ! Incredible !
Lara Fabian – Belgian singer -songwriter ,  loses the man of her heart -Greg , whom she wanted to marry . She buried him, but could not cancel a big show. She managed to come out on stage and sing somehow, but during this song – ” I love you” she flushed into tears, went into shock and could not continue.
And then the whole audience sang for her ” We love … ”
At the end of the song her producer Rick Alisson , who accompanies her on the piano says, ” See? And you say that you have nothing to live for”. Live for them, people !”

Well and then I watched the clip….

Admit, did you weep a little? Did you feel her pain? Me? I did…I did a whole a lot. And the text is just as touching:

“I admit (~okay), there existed
other ways for us to leave each other.
A few shards of glass
might have helped us
in this bitter silence.
I decided to forgive
the mistakes we can make
from loving too much.

I admit often the little girl
in me requested you.
Almost like a mother
you tucked me in, protected me
I stole from you this blood
that we never should have shared.
Lost for words, for dreams
I will scream:

I love you, I love you
Like a fool, like a soldier
Like a movie star
I love you, I love you
Like a wolf, like a king
Like a man that I am not…
You see, I love you like that much

I admit I confided in you
all my smiles, all my secrets,
even those for which only a brother
is the undeclared guardian of.
In this house of stone
Satan was watching us dance,
so I wanted a war
of bodies that made the peace to each other


Now, humor me for a minute, go ahead watch it one more time, just like I did…cry a little bit…or more…. if you can.

And then imagine that all the sudden you want to learn a little bit more about this great love that moved this performer so deeply….Only there is not much to find, it did not exist to begin with.

The truth hidden behind this moving performance sound more like this:

“During the concert, there is a special emphasis on “Je t’aime” which is unexpectedly sung in a large part by the audience, leaving a tearful Fabian caught by surprise”

That is all it is…as powerful it is, it solely an emotional response of an artist to her public… Now watch this more extended cut of the performance and tell me if you see something different?

Did you feel duped, like I did? Are we such suckers for romance? But more importantly did recognize how powerful perception is?

None the less, I am absolutely grateful to observe such an incredible performance. How powerful ones soul can be when naked!

Good night world!


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Looking for a creative outlet, or myself... and a place to share my little inspirations wherever they come from- food, movies, life, random thoughts, or the biggest of them all my obsession with the Twilight Series.
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