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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all. May it be happy and prosperous,and full of beautiful surprises! For the ones that have a list of New Year’s Resolutions, here is a list published by one of my compatriots on her website Brain … Continue reading

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Simple truth

It dawned to me, not too long ago, that the best way to gain peace, is to make your decisions not out of fear, not out of anxiety, or anger; frustration or resentment, but simply out of love. As long … Continue reading

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My Non-Professional Opinion on Happyness

A close soul that mine is linked to, once said ” I am not happy. Something is wrong with me. I keep being unhappy” . So that got me thinking, back to Oprah and happiness. You know, in that one … Continue reading

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After the battle

Let each battle be it’s own, so step my dear, go on, for what is lost today, tomorrow will be gained, for no life should be lived, stuck in bruises and pain. So dust your coat, Set that chin high … Continue reading

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Dream Fixation

A wish, alas, a lost…. Dream gone too fast. Past long lost… A future that’s a must. Alas, awash… A sheer fixation of were and was. Naval gazing with too much puss. And yet forgetting did and does. For what … Continue reading

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Dellusions and dissillusionment wrapped in one

Chasing lights and shadows, looking for what used to be. Sadly what often follows is plain carnage, pain, and shattered dreams. And yet the heart still keeps on beating, ready once again to be tricked, crushed and kicked. Why is … Continue reading

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How fragile can the human body be…when sounds of machinery wrap it around. It’s funny, a soul can be so strong, and yet it’s vessel, so delicate at times, hanging on a sensitive balance of its own. And there the … Continue reading

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