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A quote to share….

Something that I saw on my Facebook that seems appropriate to share today. Unfortunately, I have no idea who the quote belongs to. I am responsible however for the translation into English. ” The truth hurts once, lies hurt every … Continue reading

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I guess life is what it is. There is a balance to be held. It takes a little to give a little…

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To you…

Be my refuge, be my calm, be my warmth all year round. For what this life is about remains a mystery and thus it helps to live it with a sense of destiny.

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Sometimes, when life feels tough and provides no immediate resolution, the best thing you can do is make sure that you are at the right place and pray and have patience for the right time…

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On human weakness

Is there a point to being strong? Is being weak such a wrong? I held the pretenses for too long, for the sake of picking “right” over “wrong”.

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Morning thoughts…

Choose to believe that despite all challenges and confusion about what this big life is about, each day is a blessing and we are exactly were we need to be.

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Evening thoughts

Do what your heart desires and makes it skip a beat!

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